Terms and Condition

Terms and conditions for the provision of after-sales services of maintenance and provision of spare parts and product guarantee provided by Tamkeen International for home appliances Company to its customers in light of the provisions prepared by the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

Territory scope warranty: This warranty applies to the products that Tamkeen International for Home Appliances Company deals with directly or through its customers and within the borders of Saudi Arabia only.

When claiming under warranty maintenance of a product, customer must submit the original purchase invoice, with all the data of the customer and the product signed and stamped.

The warranty of the compressor after the end of the second year (in the case of air conditioners/refrigerators/freezers) is limited only to the replacement of the compressor as a spare part and does not include the labor cost of compressor replacement or the materials needed to change the compressor or any other costs.

This warranty applies only to the replacement of the parts that the company acknowledges its defective or the service procedures approved by the company and therefore the washing of the product as an example, but not limited, is not covered by the warranty.

The company shall not be held liable for any consumer injury or property damage as a result of the improper usage of the product or contrary to operation manual.

For maintenance/service claim, Pls. call UAN No. 920009257 for all the Kingdom cities.

For complaints and suggestions, Pls. call the UAN No. 920009257 and then choses either 3 or 4, company customer service staff will receive your call, record your feedback and take the necessary measures and inform you of the procedures taken to let you satisfied.

You can also contact the company WhatsApp’s No. 0565984207 to record your maintenance reports data.

When you call the customer service center, either UAN number or WhatsApp, the customer service staff will open a maintenance job card and inform the customer of the reference number to follow up with company during the maintenance procedures and give you the appointment.

TamkeenCare company provide the service to its customers within 48 hours, however, delay may be possible due to work pressure in the seasons, but can’t exceed in any way than (7) seven days from the date of customer request.

According to the provisions, set forth by the Ministry of Commerce, customer is only entitled to inspect the replacement parts under the warranty, however, replaced parts become company property. Spare parts have been replaced outside the warranty are customer property, delivered to customer unless they are restricted and environmentally prohibited, and the company will hold the duties of disposal on the basis of the provisions set forth by the local authorities.

The warranty means repairing the product and not replacing it as stated in the provisions set forth by the Ministry of Commerce, the company has the right to repair under warranty product for the repeated similar defect through two attempts, including also the newly sold products.

As per the provisions set forth by ministry of commerce, the company is pleased to provide spare parts for its sold products immediately, however, in cases of non-availability of the parts for any reason, the company will provide them in no more than 14 days (fourteen working days) from the date of the customer’s request. Special parts, including some accessories and others, will be provided within a reasonable period of time and will be agreed with our customers.

If the maintenance procedures take more than 15 days and the product is still within the warranty, the customer has the right to extend the warranty for the same period as the maintenance procedures as compensation for denial of benefit.

If a product is within the warranty and the maintenance procedures for multiple breakdowns have taken up, i.e. the second repair attempt took more than 15 days to be covered by the period required to provide spare parts in section 15 or the period required to meet the maintenance reports as a result of the work pressure mentioned in section 12, the customer has the right to claim a new product with the same specifications, taking into account deducting of a fair amount by the company for the duration of use the old product.

If the company violates the obligation contained in article 12 or Article 15 and the customer’s product is still covered by the warranty, the customer has the right to obtain a temporary unit with the same specifications or company has to pay amount for the denial of the usage equivalent to 1/400 of the value of the product mentioned in purchase invoice or as per company history at the time of purchase, for each day of delaying measured from the maximum allowable period of time.


we will not access the users personal data even whatever the customers details will be required for the job service booking. It wont be shared with any other or the third party tool. It will be highly confidential with tamkeencare.com and the users only.

We will access users camera only to scan QR code or upload invoice, as well as the for the product picture we also allow customer to upload 2 to 3 images of his / her product.

Gallery, access we basically required when customer required to upload image from gallery otherwise his / her is able to capture picture from camera directly as well.

GPS location is required as the technician of tamkeencare.com will visit to the customer so he will require the need of users location link from google, as well as user also able to track in version as well that my technician is on his way.

The company has the right to choose to submit any of the above-mentioned proposals to its valued customers.

This warranty is void and does not cover the following cases:

– Failures resulting from non-conforming usage of the user manual.

– Breakage and negligence.

– Damage caused by improper transportation and loading by customer.

– Malfunctions caused by the power fluctuation or as a result of the using of a generator that violates the product specifications.

– Damage resulting from rain, lightning, fires, floods or other natural disasters.

– Installation of the product contrary to the way described in the operating manual.

– Maintenance of the product by another party an unauthorized by the company.

– Modify or remove the product’s label.

– Body rust and corrosion as a result of exposure to humidity factors and ambient conditions.

– Make any modifications to the product.